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This programme is designed to help children with their sporting endeavours and teaches skills such as goal setting and planning that are transferable to many facets of life. The program can assist your child if they are already part of a regional or club representative programme or have a real passion for sporting activities.


The programme is delivered in the mornings from 7.35am – 8.30am many of the drills and skill work covered in this programme are the same as those used by elite athletes and set age appropriate.


The programme will cover the following areas of sport….

  • Sports Conditioning

  • Sports Speed and Agility

  • Strength & Power

  • Goal Setting

  • Nutrition Hydration Recovery

  • Warm Up/warm down


 What will your child gain from this experience?

  • Increased motivation to succeed in sport

  • Higher level of fitness

  • Increased speed and agility

  • A better understanding on the steps to achieving their goals

  • Chance to train with like minded peers

  • Chance to train like a professional athlete

  • Fitness Testing with results collated and presented back to child

  • High level of enjoyment!


We look forward to seeing your child at the Hingaia Pennisula Sports Academy programme.

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